Anne's Interview on Courage to Change with Lisa Kirchner

In her website's introductory comments, Lisa Kirchner of Courage to Change at Intention Radio really captured the spirit of this project, and how it's transformed my life. My gratitude to Lisa for the interview. Here's the link:


Anne Mahon is a Canadian with a background in mathematics, whose volunteer work introduced her to such powerfully transformative stories that she decided to change herself and become an author. I gave her background first to really give you a sense of how far afield her passion took her, and became her first book, The Lucky Ones: African Refugees’ Stories of Extraordinary Courage. That book has since won the On The Same Page Book Award and was selected as the book all Manitobans should read in 2014. She’s currently working on a follow-up about gang members who have transformed their lives. She’ll share some of those stories, as well as her own, tonight on Intention Radio’s “Courage to Change with Lisa Kirchner,” live at 6pm EST.

“I have always seen myself as a strong independent person, but after writing The Lucky Ones: African Refugees’ Stories of Extraordinary CourageI have a newfound ability to trust the unknown, and no longer fear failure,” Mahon writes. “I have also learned to believe that anything is possible. The resilience of the subjects in this book, as well as this book’s creation, have taught me this, we should never limit our expectations to the boundaries of what we already know.”