I am a chaplain who works in a youth correctional facility. I received your book (Redemption), and am so grateful for the work you have done and the stories you tell of lives transformed. The book is exactly what I've been looking for - honest stories that are neither simplistic nor demeaning, but powerful and hopeful. Thank you again for sharing the stories of these lives.

-Norman (Prison Chaplain)


I was at the Manitoba Youth Centre today meeting a young man for the first time. He shook my hand and thanked me. He had read your book Redemption in jail. Like I kind of teared up. This is a kid who didn’t even know me and I had immediate buy in credibility from the book.

-Mitch (Social Worker)


Your book is such a message of hope for those stuck in the gang lifestyle, as well as a reminder that we are all human, and often our choices and the path we take have nothing to do with who we are as human beings. There is good and bad in each and every one of us and sometimes life circumstances lead us down a path that doesn't necessarily reflect who we are at our core. The people in your book are perfect examples of this. 

-Tracy (Reader)